We strive for and work closely with our yarn suppliers, dye house and finishers to ensure best sustainability practices and traceability in our supply and production chain. 


Our blankets are created using yarns leftover from our commercial production.  

We think this is great because: 

  • Repurposing this way refrains from using additional resources like electricity, water, oil, etc. to recycle the yarns into a new product 
  • We get to make unique colour combinations in limited runs 
  • We are celebrating Australian wool that is not superfine in softness but is super robust and long-lasting 
  • Our blankets can be repurposed again and again into coats, dog beds, accessories and more 


  • We use cotton that is accredited Oeko-Tex 100 
  • We use linen that is certified European Flax 
  • We use wool that is certified Australian eco wool 


We reuse as much packaging as possible to minimise the need for new materials. This includes cardboard fabric rolls, plastic bags for roll coverings, cardboard boxes, etc.  

Where reuse is not possible, we choose Better Packaging Co. compostable bags for our online orders.  

We use recycled and FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) paper products and environmentally friendly inks where possible. 

Australian Made: 

We are passionate about supporting our local textiles and related manufacturing industries, product developers and makers.